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The Loan Process

The Loan Process

  • Loan request from the borrower
  • Dave does a site inspection of the subject property
  • Dave does an analysis of the purchase price, costs, rehab, current and future after rehab value, loan amount needed etc
  • Dave sends preliminary loan and property information to potential lenders
  • When the lenders are placed, the request is turned in for loan processing

Loan Processing     

  • Loan Processor Verifies Lender vesting
  • Loan Processor opens Loan funding escrow with Anchor Seaport Escrow

Anchor Seaport Escrow functions are to

    • Tie in with the purchase escrow
    • Receives lenders funds
    • Pays loan costs
    • Hold rehab $$ to be dispersed after the close of escrow as work is completed
    • Net funds the purchase escrow
  • Loan Processor coordinates transaction with purchase escrow, Anchor Seaport Escrow, Title Company, Fire Insurance Agency, Borrower and Lender
  • Loan Processor draws loan documents and packages borrower and lender documents for signature

Lender documents include

  • Funding instructions
  • Lender Mortgage Loan Disclosure
  • Copy of the Note
  • Copy of the Trust Deed
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Purchase Escrow Instructions
  • Anchor Seaport Escrow Loan Instructions
  • Lender’s instruction to Title Company and Escrow
  • Broker Price Opinion of Value
  • Miscellaneous lender disclosures
  • Borrower’s loan application
  • Processor will coordinate with Lender to fund by wire or cashier’s check to Anchor Seaport Escrow
  • Trust Deed sent to title Company for recording and Title Company issues Lender’s Title Policy
  • At close of escrow, prorated interest and prepaid payment (if applicable) sent to Lender

After Close of Escrow

  • Payment and payoff checks are made payable to the Lender
  • We monitor and coordinate borrower payments and payoffs to the Lender


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